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MNP's Total Accessories & Parts for all it's Products. 

Replacement pads, additional length of hoses, battery holders, push buttons, toggle switches just to name a few. You can create our own combination by adding Kits together or using them for special needs. .

Key Benefits

Easy to install into any structures
Easy to combine kits
On demand & on the tracks
Realistic Action
Complete Control
Make your "OWN" ideas.
Replacement Pads for all SCALES

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Especially on Cleaning PADS :

Description SKU # Price
Cleaning Pads for all Track Cleaning Cars - -
Cleaning Pads for (N) (HO)(On30)(HOn3) 3/4" Dia. (12/bag) CP1-HO01 $6.00
Cleaning Pads (O, Lionel,MTH,Weaver,G QUAD: THICK) 1 1/2" Dia. (12bag) CP1-GSO1 $6.00
Cleaning Pads (ALL G Bobber,O-Scake-2 Rail< Weaver THIN) 1 1/2" Dia. (12bag) CP1-GS02 $6.00
Polishing Pads (G Scale QUAD ONLY) (4/bag) PP1-GS01 14.95
Cleaning Pads (S Scales) 1.0 " Dia. (12/bag) CP1-SSO1 $6.00
Polishing Pads (S Scales)(800 Grit) 1.0" Dia. (2/bag) PP1-SSO2 $10.00
Replacement Parts for MNP's KITS -
Liquid Smoke 2 fl. oz. MNP-LS01 $6.00
Pump MNP-PK01 $12.00
C Battery Holder MNP-PK02 $3.00
Suction Hose I/8" I.D. ($1.00/ft.) MNP-PK03 $1.00
Pressure Hose 1/16" I.D. ($1.00/ft.) MNP-PK04 $1.00
Aluminum Tube MNP-PK05 $2.00
Barbed Fittings 1/8" MNP-PK06 $1.00
Barbed Fittings 1/16" MNP-PK07 $1.00
Push Button MNP-PK08 $1.50
Bottle 2oz. MNP-PK09 $1.50
#24 Gauge wire Double  MNP-PK10 $0.50
Seuthe Smoke Element ( No.9, HO Scale) MNP-SK01 $24.95
Split Ring MNP-SK02 $1.00
Metal Smoke Stack MNP-SK03 $1.00
Insulator MNP-SK04 $1.00
Contact Spring MNP-SK05 $1.00
#24 Gauge wire (single) MNP-SK06 $1.00
#24 Gauge wire(Double) MNP-SK07 $1.00
Smoke Element Structures MNP-SK08 $5.00
Toggle Switch MNP-SK09 $1.00
Insulation Strip MNP-SK10 $1.00
Seuthe Smoke Element (No.6, O Scale) MNP-SK11 $21.95
Plastic All Purpose PET Sheet (Windows, molding etc.) MNP-PS01 $1.00
Replacement Parts for MNP's Track Cleaning Cars - -
2.5 mm Cap screw (2/set) MNP-M250 $1.00
3.0mm Self tapping screw (for plastic) (4/set) MNP-M306 $1.00
HO Rubber Disc. 3/4" Dia. (2/set) MNP-HOD1 $5.00
HO Springs (Athearn, Roundhouse) 2/set MNP-SP01 $4.50
HO Base (Roundhouse 50')(Basic) MNP-HOB1 $4.50
HO Base (Athearn 40')(Basic) MNP-HOB2 $2.50
HO Contacts 2ea. (Roundhouse) MNP-HOC1 $5.00
HO Contacts 2ea. (Athearn) MNP-HOC2 $5.00
On30 Rubber Disc. (2/Set) MNP-ON01 $5.00
O, G Rubber Disc. w/shaft 1 1/2" Dia. (2/set) MNP-GD01 $4.95
O Scale Weaver Rubber Disc.2 or 3 Rail (2/Set) MNP-GD02 $5.00
S- Scale Rubber Disc.(1.0" Dia.) MNP-SD01 $4.95
Springs (2/set) Light Force MNP-SP01 $2.00
Coupler (2/Set) MNP-CP01 $2.00
Set Screws (4-40) (4 pack) MNP-SC01 $1.00
Heat Shrink Tubing ea.1/16" MNP-HS01 $1.00
Electrical Motors Ea. MNP-EM01 $24.95
Allen Wrench 0.05" MNP-AW01 $1.00
Bridge Rectifier, 2 Amp MNP-BR02 $1.00
Wheel sets for (HO) (4/set) MNP-WS01 $12.95
Wheel sets for G Scale w/ ele. pickup (2/set) MNP-WS02 $24.95
S-Helper, Barber RB Caboose Truck, AF compat(2/set) MNP-SSAF


S-Helper, Barber RB Caboose Truck, Code 110 (2/Set) MNP-SSET N/A
N-Scale Frame MNP-NF01 $5.00
N-Scale Disc MNP-ND01 $3.95
N-Scale Motor Screws (2/set) MNP-NS01 $1.00
N-Scale Motor MNP-NM01 $34.95
N-Scale weights (2/Set) MNP-NW01 $4.25
N Scale Decoder w/ wires NTC-D001 $19.95
Update Electrical Kit for Walthers HO Box Cars, MNP Track Cleaning Car MNP-WA01 $19.95
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