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HO Walthers Kit   
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"Update Kit for Walthers HO Track Cleaning Car" 


 This kit will improve the performance of your Walthers HO Track Cleaning Car. The contacts will make your car have (8) eight electrical contact points using all the wheel sets.

This kit contains all the necessary parts, which can be modified to fit into all other types of cars too. The kit is for HO scale in model railroading. Obviously, this is not a stand-alone kit. Once you decide to install this kit into your cars, please follow the instructions in READ THIS FIRST for the steps needed for installation.


 1. Before beginning to dissemble your Track Cleaning Car, read all the instructions and tips through once and familiarize yourself with all the parts and their proper location by comparing them to the drawings. All parts are numbered to corresponding picture on the cover page 2.


 Picture No.


  1. Remove the Top of your Walthes HO Track Cleaning Car. Caution is need not to break the inside tabs! Lift at one end of the car slowly to disengage the tabs.
  2. Gently pull-off the shrink tubing from each set of wires. Unwrap the wires from the each set of trucks (solid black). Important, keep the sets of motor leads (one red & black paired together, 2 pairs)
  3. Flip the car over and set it on its top.
  4. Remove the Bolster Screw from each set of trucks. (Both sides) SAVE THE SCREWS!
  5. Remove the Contacts w/wire leads from each side off the posts gently. Pulling the wire thru the holes.
  6. CAREFULLY remove all wheel sets from each truck (4-wheel sets)
  7. Strip the NEW wire leads about 1/8” at one end. Solder the wire leads into the hole one the contacts at the bottom end of the “T” (Single hole) USE min. amount of solder for each wire lead.
  8. Remount each truck and place one “NEW” wheel set at each end of the trucks. DO NOT over tighten the bolster screws.
  9.  Install the “NEW” contact and wire lead on each side of the Truck. IMPORTANT: Keep the RED & Black on same side for BOTH trucks. SEE PICTURE (NOTE: one Red & Black for EACH truck)
  10. When installing the contacts into the trucks slightly bow the contact and set the wire at a 90°. Also, carefully place the contact point into the truck. Keep the wire on the outside of the truck.
  11. Carefully  Place the remaining wheel sets into each set of truck. Not to over bend the contacts or damage the plastic truck.
  12. All the wheel set should be in the trucks and now Flip the car over and Strip the remaining “NEW” wire leads (4) about ¼” max.
  13. Twist the each pair of Red & Black TRUCKS wires together and keep the BLACK-to-BLACK & RED to RED as a pair.
  14. THEN Twist the BLACK pair(trucks) to one Set of motor Leads, and the RED pair (trucks) to the other Set of motor lead.
  15. Reinstall the shrink tubing or use NEW wire protection (not provided)
  16. TEST the car using DC voltage. 12 V max. Use about 6 volts.
  17. Reinstall the Hood for the Car.
  18. YOUR Car is ready!!


 SEE DCC Manufacturers wire diagrams.

(BASIC RED & BLACK from the Decoder to the Track, Orange & Grey from the Decoder to each pair of the Motor Leads)

            "Update Kit for Walthers HO Track Cleaning Car"

                Pictures for added Help


             No.1                              No.2                    Motor Leads Pair                       No.4



        No.5                         No.7                                No.9                            No.10 



Note: Each Red and Black wire for each set of trucks. KEEP the RED and BLACK on the same side for at each END of car. This will keep the correct polarity for the wires.


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