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Shown below is a Shay engine getting it's Liquid Smoke right from the water tower. The Pump Kit is installed inside the tower and the pipe is "Putting Smoke in your Stack Right on the Track".  United States Patent #5,725,126

                           HO Scale Shown Below:                   O Scale Shown Below: 


                            Water Tower Diagram shown below:

Pump Kit Shown Below, A Complete System for ALL Scales!

Improved Pump!!


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The Pump Kit MNP-PK00 $24.95
Pump MNP-PK01 $12.00
C Battery Holder MNP-PK02 $3.00
Suction Hose I/8" I.D. ($1.00/ft.) MNP-PK03 $1.00
Pressure Hose 1/16" I.D. ($1.00/ft.) MNP-PK04 $1.00
Aluminum Tube MNP-PK05 $2.00
Fittings 1/8" MNP-PK06 $1.00
Fittings 1/16" MNP-PK07 $1.00
Push Button MNP-PK08 $1.50
Bottle 2oz. MNP-PK09 $1.50

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