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I had a brief opportunity to try out the car on my layout.  I ran it on a 50 section of my layout that has a couple of switches, tight turns and about 50% hidden track that has been difficult for me to clean in the past.  I made several trips around the section with the MNP car and ended up with perfect 10s on the DCS controller!  Only took a few minutes of run time verse the hour or so I would have spent with my other methods of cleaning.  The car is terrific, very thorough, easy to use and looks good.  Delivers as promised!
-John Staschak


The Track Cleaning Car purchased at the Raleigh Show, It is a top notched product I am very pleased!



Over all an "A" rating with me.
-Tim Fitzgerald


This has been the best cleaning car ever. The pads are black when I remove them. I have recommended this car to all the model railroaders I am in contact with. 

-Brian Wakefield


The N-scale Micro-trains cleaning car is great it was the answer to my tuff cleaning areas.  

-John K. Scharf

 Sturdy construction plus "weight" applied to do the task; performs the needed task without fluids- a promising idea!

-Bill Sackrider

Car does an excellent job even on 9" radius, Excellent

-Gerald Smith

Tried some cheaper track cleaners and was not happy. Decided to try yours. IT works excellent!

-Thomas R Lang II

Very useful and well presented item. I have several showcase line locos and cars, and I'm very pleased with their performance and looks. THANKS for striving for a better product.

-Joe Gonzalez

Track cleaning has always been difficult. I have been looking for a method (NOT MANUAL) that is active, NOT PASSIVE (ROLLERS, STATIONARY PADS) Great IDEA!!

-Richard Kelliher

This product is just what I was looking for. It's people like you that make the hobby fun! My scale is HO, I was able to clean tracks in staging yards and hidden tracks. Rated Excellent

-John J. Morel

I have put the cleaning car to use once so far, and is already easy to see this is a much more efficient product to do the job, NO mess NO fuss!

-Russ McKlveen

So far very good on my old S-Gauge. Car rides well.

-Robert B Garman

I have purchased many of your products for my HO Scale Layouts. My father and I started building our first train layout in July, 2005 and we have 250 ft. of track, a city, a gold mine and oil field. I'm also proud to show-off the layout with your products. Thanks again and Happy New Year.

-John G. Mitchell, Jr.

I had to try the track cleaning car. I like the idea of an easy way of cleaning the track, because it's up on a shelf and 160' long. Rated Excellent.

-Robert M. Little

It found all of my track problems quickly, good.

-William H. Taggart III

WOW! Does this clean the Track! (My layout has approx. 427') I had the centerline with denatured alcohol on it with your car behind it. I showed the roller (from the centerline car) and the 2 pads from your car, to my 7 year old. I asked him which one did a better job. He looked at me and said "DUH" NOW, I have clean track. That this is an Excellent O Scale Track cleaning car.

-Mark Treppa

Think it's the BEST!

-Timothy R. Vogt

Works wonderful!

-Oscar Morrison

Very nice unit, and works very well. I needed it because I have some spots that are hard to reach.

-John F. Quain

The massive village and Elizabethtown model RR club to which I belong owns several of these track cleaning cars. They do and excellent job. That is why I bought one for my home layout

-Robert Dangler

The club members were impressed with it Matthew, we ran the Centreline cleaner around the track first off, then ran your car around the same track area, and they couldn't believe how much "dirt" that the Centreline cleaner had not picked up.  We then sent your cleaner around the track once more, after changing the cleaning pads,  to see if it was going to pick up the same amount of "dirt", but it came back clean.  So there was not one member that said anything negative about it's cleaning power.

-Andrew Macloud

Thank you, my track is waiting for your car.
I've used so far the LGB track cleaning loco, but after 10 years of operating the garden railway I've found, that in a fact the abrasive cleaning method is not really needed.
It is rather a dust, which makes the troubles, being collected by the wheels and finally affecting the electrical contact.
The dark color of the brass rails is not an oxide, it is still conducting and does not need to be polished-off as many people think.
So I have the hope, with your car, and the non aggressive method of cleaning the track it will be just the right approach.


The car works GREAT - much better than me on my knees with a Scotchbrite pad.

-Janice Mcpherson

This 40' Hi-Cube (N Scale) is the best track cleaning rig I've come across. I need a life time supply of pads.

-Tom Schilling


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