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The Bobber Caboose is based upon a four-wheel wooden caboose of the mid-1800’s to early 1900’s era. Since their inception, cabooses have become ‘mythic’ in railroad nostalgia. Positioned at the end of a train, cabooses have served as living quarters for the train crew as well as an observation point. On trains that were transporting livestock, a special caboose called a “drover’s caboose” was added to the train to tend to the well-being of the animals in transit. Also known as “cabins”, “hacks”, and “Crummies.”





                    24V AC/DC System


                 LOOK Below what is inside your Bobber! For USA & Europe

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        20-24V AC/DC Regulator        Optional Switch for Engine or Track 


Optional Hook up for accessories     Sample Over Head Layout 

or  To Your Aristo-Craft Engine!        Easy to clean your TRACK!!!

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MNP Features :

United States Patent #5,816,168

R-T-R, See Bobber Caboose List for Road names

Dual Motorized Track Cleaning Car 24 Volt  AC/DC

Optional Accessory Hook up for Track or Engine

High Torque Electric Geared Motors

Pressure Sensitive Disc

Easy Peel & Stick Pads  

Easy adjustable 1 1/2" Diameter Cleaning Disc

6 Extra Cleaning Pads

Both Knuckle Coupler, Hook & Loop

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Undecorated (Red) AC4-2200 OUT OF STOCK 
Pennsylvania (PRR) AC4-2201 OUT OF STOCK 
Southern Railway (SOU) AC4-2206 OUT OF STOCK 
Union Pacific (UP) AC4-2208 OUT OF STOCK 
Baltimore & Ohio AC4-2209 OUT OF STOCK 
Rio Grande (DGRW) AC4-2210 OUT OF STOCK 
Santa Fe (ATSF) AC4-2211 OUT OF STOCK 
Christmas AC4-2225 OUT OF STOCK 
Napa Valley Wine Train (NVRR) AC4-2232 OUT OF STOCK 
Cleaning Pads (12/Bag)(1-1/2") CP1-GSO1 $7.00

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Our manufacturing hours are from 9:00am to 6:pm. Technical Service can be reached from 6:00 PM to 10:PM EST. Feel free to call us and leave a message or leave a email from this site. See the numbers below.


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