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Welcome to MNP Inc.

We are an engineering group designing new and exciting products strictly for Model Railroading enthusiasts. Our main Focus is to develop unique new products which will enhance and make Model Railroading fun, not only to enjoy the hours of running trains but to actually make them come to life. This is our foundation and focus for developing the highest quality product lines available today. MNP is now in Richmond, VA come see us. THANKS for waiting for us to OPEN!!

RTR MOTORIZED Track Cleaning Cars For N, HO, On30, O, S,& G Scales, Narrow Gauges & Standard Gauge too!



 *NEW Arrivals are HERE & ALL Ready To Run*



    N Scale Motorized Track Cleaning Car 








    G Scale -THE QUAD- 4 x 4 Track Cleaning 40' Box Car,








O Scale -3 Rail Track Cleaning Cars,



                MTH ELECTRIC TRAINS





HO Scale - Track Cleaning Cars,










                                    " Cleaning Your Track from Front to Back"

We make cleaning your track easy with our United States Patented dual motorized track cleaning cars. Our track cleaning cars are available in RTR N, HO, On30, O, S & G scales. The Cars come equipped with high torque electric geared motors, guarantee to make your track shine. Clean your rails with POWER!! The Only Active System on the Market.

The ONLY Dual Motorized Track Cleaning Cars by MNP ...



HO Scale Track Cleaning Cars      O Scale Track Cleaning Cars



  G-Scale Track Cleaning Cars     S-Scale Track Cleaning Cars


United States Patent #5,816,168

R-T-R, See Scales for List of Road names                             
Dual Motorized Track Cleaning Car
High Torque Electric Geared Motors
Pressure Sensitive Disc
Easy Peel & Stick Pads
Easy adjustable cleaning disc.



The Liquid Pump & Smoke Kits for all Scales

"Putting Smoke in Your Stack Right on the Track"

United States Patent #5,725,126

The Pump Kit is installed into the Water Tower! For ease of operation, on any layout simply drive your steam engine under the water tower's pipe (pipe has been modified). Push a button to release one drop of Liquid Smoke at a time into the engine's smoke stack. Then your engine's "SMOKIN" and ready for it's run on the rails just like the good OLD days.

The Smoke Kits for all Scales

The Smoke Kit installs into most any structure such as a manufacturing plant. Make your structures come to life. Use with the Pump Kit for ease of operation.

Contact Information

Our manufacturing hours are from 9:00am to 5:pm. Technical Service can be reached from 6:00 PM to 10:PM EST. Feel free to call us and leave a message or leave a email from this site. See the numbers below.

Technical Support:
Postal address:
P.O. Box 9593
        Henrico, VA 23228
Physical  address:
708 N. Robinson St.
        Richmond, VA 23220
Electronic mail:
  [email protected]

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